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tIDE - Free multi-platform IDE

You have found tIDE: The free, multi-platform, Integrated Development Environment


Have you ever wished you could create an application quickly? Learning whichever programming language you choose can be an uphill battle. Where to start?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could put your application together by dragging-and-dropping various controls onto the screen, then not have to wait for things to compile before you see the results? That's what tIDE is. The various interface elements such as fields, buttons, menus, progress bars... they can all be simply dragged and dropped into your application.

There is a scripting language underneath all this. It's called tScript (which actually follows on from a family of products using a similar language). It's an easy to use and understand language, which will allow you to rapidly create your next application - whatever that may be.

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tIDE is free and Open Source. It can be used to create standalone application programs, with no extra dependencies. (Your application can be fully self-contained). You can save a standalone application for Windows, Linux and MacOS.


download links are currently offline due to it not yet being ready for prime-time.


tIDE is free, and always will be. You don't need to have a subscription, or even register in any way to use it. You will never see a registration or login screen when using tIDE. I will never ask you for any funding either. (I'm just doing this project because I find it interesting)

Version history

version 1.0 - Jan 2024. Original test release

Example Stacks

The best way to learn is by example, so there will be lots of examples posted here (these are called stacks). Hopefully you won't have to wait too long for them. I'm currently working on interesting content in my spare time.
My aim with this is to show a wide-range of ways you can use tIDE and the things you can produce with it.


What other help is available?

tIDE includes an extensive, searchable dictionary. You can probably find help with most commands there.
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