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texttext The front valance was in a very bad way, as is common on this age of car. It's the first bit of metal to rust on a car as it's always in contact with road spray, grit and road salt.

The rust was cut from the valance leaving only the solid metal. The valance was then fibreglassed then sanded.

The headlight backings were completed in a similar way, but behind the headlights was filled with expanding foam to stop any water spray. Another measure against future corrosion was to make fibreglass splash plates inside the wings.

Another little addition to the car was the splash pan. The splash pan is usually made out of laminate cardboard (and is the same on many cars today). The problem with using this material is it's not really durable enough and turns into a soggy mess which falls off. This time the splash pan has been made from sheet aluminium which will last much longer than any bit of cardboard ever will.

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