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Welcome to my MK1 ford capri restoration page.

Shown here are the continued efforts of what started out as a hobby. As time passed, this project has become an eye-opener of just what is involved when restoring a car over 30 years old. When I first brought the car, I made a list of everything which needed doing.

Old pictures...

Current Progress

Progress Shots
Replace Front brake endpipes
Replace All brake pipes (front & rear)
Replace all brake pads and shoes
Check out brake drums and clean if required
Check discs - Replace if scoured too badly
Replace brake seals
Clean and repaint anti-roll bars and suspension arms
Replace anti-roll bar bushes
Inspect, clean and repaint suspension legs
Rear springs - inspect and replace bushes if needed
Front valance is corroded. Replace or repair
Replace outer wings
De-Rust and repaint front cross panel
Clean bonnet of surface rust and apply anti-rust compound
Inner wings are corroded. Remove all rust, weld where required and repaint
A-Panels - replace
Drivers door and Passenger door - Clean off surface rust
Rear valance badly corroded. Clean and weld if required
Replace rear wheel arches on both sides
Boot - surface rust
Replace wiper blades
Replace exhaust system and fabricate replacement back box.
Floor pan - whole underside of car needs cleaning de-rusting, and waxoiling
Inspect chassis for corrosion
Replace sump guard
Replace headlights
Spotlights - Non - standard ford ones fitted. Keep?
Tape wiring loom back and fix
Remove auxillary wiring
Replace non-standard carborettor
Fire blanket missing
Bonnet seal rubbers. Locate replacements
Change oil, and change oil filter
Fan belt - replace
Starter motor and alternator overhaul
Heater fan requires lubrication
Fix glove box lock
Remove radio as non-standard model fitted.
Gear selector gator. Sort a replacement