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Privacy Policy

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In the light of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) - of which it looks like we'll be stuck with for the future, I'd like to take the time to let you know how I store your data. Also what I do with your data and how your data is used.

I want to do this so you know what data I collect, when that data might be collected, and how I'm going to use it.

What I do with any data

I'll take this opportunity to make you aware that none of your details will ever be passed on to anybody else. I do not market any of your details such as email address, phone number, account details or any personal data.

How I store any data

Any of the data I do store (which is usually things such as your name, phone number(s), email address, and house or business address) is never stored online. It is stored locally and not accessible on any network and neither is it stored online via any cloud-based server. The local data stored is also triple encrypted and encoded in 128bit, along with any invoices which also may contain these details.

When do I collect any data

Any other details I ever collect could include a backup of your computer's hard drive (which will only ever be collected with your full understanding and full consent). This backup data is also encrypted and encoded and never stored online. No portion of that backup data is ever extracted or used for anything else other than to restore your computer should a crash occur during testing/swapping boot drives. Any backup data you do consent to me storing is only stored for a short time (a maximum of 14 days) after which it is securely erased by a recursive low-level random write reformat of any backup drives. I'd store this only with customer approval in case a customer had claimed I had caused any data to be lost. After 14 days, this information will be erased as stated above. At that point, it's the customer's responsibility to ensure they backup their data.

At a minimum level, I record names, addresses and contact details. These details are taken upon arranging a booking for tuition in your own home, so I can find your street address, arrange tuition in the future, or purely to know who is phoning or emailing me. I will never send unsolicited email to you, nor will I pass your details on to anyone else. This includes any marketing campaigns.

This website does not force you to opt in to any marketing by contacting me regarding tuition.

Further details

There are no scripts used on this site that collect your browsing history or track you. There are no cookies used on this site (I don't need to collect any browser data from you). This website will never contain any advertising from third parties (and if I had my way, neither would the rest of the internet).