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texttext Here you can see the extensive cleaning that was required under the wheel arches. All behind the wings (prior to fitting) was cleaned of any rust. Trustan rust treatment was used extensively throughout this restoration. The inner arches where then treated with a couple of good layers of Hammerite.

With the new wings on, the next thing to do was to sort out underneath the front of the capri. The shock absorbers were cleaned and repainted. These went back on the car. The steering box was replaced as I did not know if the old one could be trusted. (better to be safe than sorry)

The sump guard was replaced with an aluminium version. The old sump guard was made out of a bit of painted black laminate which had inevitably got soggy and had cracked.

Brake callipers were replaced with big heavy duty 3 litre ones, cleaned, the pads replaced and then repainted in VHT red. The front anti-roll bar was also stripped right back to bare metal, rust treatment and hammerite were then applied.

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