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text There was one snag though. The cover plate for the diff had holes in. This required carefull welding (as the metal was so thin). It was then fibreglassed and coated with several layers of hammerite.

The rear diff was cleaned free of any grit and rust, then painted with three good coats of hammerite. You can't paint the leaf springs, as they flex too much and the paint would have just come off, so these were coated with layer, upon layer of waste engine oil to keep them from rusting.

With the new parts cleaned and assembled, the new diff, axle and springs were fitted to the back of the MK1. This proved fairly difficult as the front bushes on the leaf spring failed to line up for ages (quite a bit of swearing was to be heard) I had to get hold of some imperial 1/2" nuts as well because I only usually have metric stuff available.

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