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And now it's finished. It's taken about 2 years to complete but I think it was worth it.

Total cost of restoration:

Cost of car: £25
Parts (bulbs, metal & fixtures): £73.10
Consumables (underseal, brake fluid and too much else to list all here): £110.43
Respray: £700 (plus £20 for loan of car transporter)
MOT: £30 (plus £30.28 for extra callipers)
Total: £988.81

What I have learnt from this project:
Restoring a car like this doesn't have to be too costly if you already have most of the parts you need or can locate them easily enough. Bear in mind that this was way more than I would normally spend on a car, but it was spread over the course of 2 years which made it possible. You can't cut corners though as it will only turn around and bite you in the bum when you least expect it!

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