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AndroidClock is a small program to display a digital clock on your Android phone or tablet.

About - Longer version

AndroidClock uses whatever time your Android device is set to. It does not require internet access at all, it does not require any special permissions, and does not store or save any files. It does not communicate online to anywhere either. It doesn't read any device sensors. The only thing it gathers is the resolution of your device so it can resize to fit your display, and of course the system time.

If you get a message about not being able to load the font, you might be able to just ignore it (if the text looks like this screenshot).
(you can hide the message by tapping it once).

You can also tap the date at the bottom, which will attempt to hide the navigation buttons. Depending on the version of Android you have installed, this might not be possible. Instead of throw an error or crash, the request to hide the navigation buttons just gets ignored.

You can also tap once on the time to quit the program (if it's gone full-screen with no buttons showing).

I should also mention that you'll need to change your display settings to 'display sleep: never' (so the screen doesn't dim and go off after a while). Not all versions of Android give you this option, so I'd recommend you install a 3rd-party app to do it. One of the best that I've found so far, that works and has no advertising, is the 'Keep-Screen-On' app here (mirror).


Download Arm v7 version here

Version history

version 0.1 - April 2022. First release.


I should mention that this is an unsigned app. If you try to install it, you will receive at least one warning (probably multiple warnings), that it's from an 'Unidentified developer' (yeah, me!). I won't pay Google for it to be listed in the Google Play store, so this isn't likely to change any time soon. You can read about installing unsigned Android apps, here.

System requirements

This should work on Android 5 through to Android 12. Please feel free to let me know if it's not working on your version of Android.

If you have any suggestions, please get in touch via email. Many thanks.