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xrcalc is a free calculator for XFCE / Xubuntu / Ubuntu / (debian), which doesn't require any other dependencies.

(By the way, the result underneath in the screenshot isn't wrong).
The full sum was 52.30001 x 3 / 28.12265 = 5.579133 but you can't see the first line in the screenshot.


Download xrcalc-x32 (5.8MB), for 32bit Xubuntu.
Download xrcalc-x64 (5.6MB), for 64bit Xubuntu.

How to install

To install, uncompress the 7zip archive in a folder of your choice and double click.

System requirements

This is for Xubuntu Linux, using the XFCE 4 window manager, but will probably work on Ubuntu or anything based on Debian Linux.

If you have any suggestions, please get in touch via email. Many thanks.