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whichDisk is a small tool to index and catalog disks. It builds a file and folder listing so that you can search through it at a later date for quick reference.

About - Longer version

When adding new disks to your saved catalog, you have a few configurable options. You can also restrict your search to a name of a particular disk, or search all disks you have already saved.


Download 64bit version here

Version history

version 0.1 - November 2021. First release.
version 0.2 - Fixed scanning problem if the folder or filename had double-byte filename encoding.
version 0.3 - Drastically improved search speed and speed of saving file scans. Code cleanup and some debug symbols removed.
version 0.4 - Even more speed improvements. (Simplification of code).
version 0.5 - Interface enhancements, and you can double click listings for a file preview.

System requirements

This should work on 64bit Debian Linux systems (tested on Debian 10 and 11 so far). Please feel free to let me know if it's not working on your distribution.

If you have any suggestions, please get in touch via email. Many thanks.