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Timedrestart will restart your linux-based computer at a given time every day, as long as the program and it's main window is open. You can make sure Timedrestart is running by adding it to your login session startup items. You can configure options in the included 'restartconfig' file.


Edit the restartconfig file. Here you can adjust the colours, where the window is positioned automatically and when the restart actually takes place. The 'restartdelay' option is a pause command. It waits this number of seconds before actually restarting. This is because linux usually boots in under a minute on a fast system, so this is to avoid your system rebooting multiple times.

You can also drag the window by the handle on the left to reposition it. Changes will be saved in the restartconfig file automatically. If you need to force-close it, hold the shift key down while clicking on the text in the window.

Moving your mouse over the times will now show the uptime (how long since the last system restart).

Timedrestart is fully portable, meaning it shouldn't need any other dependencies at all.


Download Timedrestart for 64bit Linux


Timedrestart is free.

Version history

version 0.1 - November 2020. First test release

version 0.12 - November 2020 (a few days later) - added the uptime function

System requirements

Tested with Xubuntu 20.04, and should work with Ubuntu, Lubuntu family of distros. If you are looking for a Debian version, I'd recommend you use rebooter instead for Debian distros.

If you have any suggestions, please get in touch via email. Many thanks.