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Flat-Remix-Red-Grey Linux MATE theme

Flat-Remix-Red-Grey is a Linux theme for the MATE desktop. This is not all my original work, it's just a variation on someone else's free-to-modify theme. (Full credits given and links on this page)


Download the Flat-Remix-Red-Grey.7z MATE theme.

How to install

To install, uncompress the 7z file.
Run these commands in the terminal to make two hidden folders, inside your home folder:
'mkdir ~/.themes'
'mkdir ~/.icons'

When you uncompress the folder, you'll see there's two subfolders inside:

Copy all the files inside the Icons folder into ~/.icons

Copy all the files inside the Themes folder into ~/.themes

Now open your appearance control panel and you should be able to select the new theme:

System requirements

This is for any distribution of Linux, using the MATE desktop. Tested with the CAJA window manager.


Metacity window button theme, Based on "Elegant Brit theme", by fmrbpensador.
Flat-Remix-Red-Grey appearance theme, based on "Flat-Remix" theme by daniruiz.
Flat-Remix-Red-Dark icon theme, by daniruiz.

If you have any suggestions, please get in touch via email. Many thanks.