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BeOh-Orange xfce4 dark xubuntu theme

BeOh-Orange is an XFCE 4 theme (for xubuntu), with a nod towards beOS, but with a slanted window title. This is the complete dark version of the theme


Download the BeOh-Orange Window theme.
Download the BeOh-orange Appearance theme.
Download the BeOh-orange icons .

How to install

To install, open a terminal and type:
'mkdir ~/.themes'
'mkdir ~/.icons'
then, uncompress all three '7z' files you downloaded. You'll be left with three folders.
The folder 'beOh-orange-icons' goes in ~/.icons
The folder 'beOh-orange-appearance' goes in ~/.themes
The folder 'beOh-orange' goes in ~/.themes
Open 'Settings > Window Manager' (or type xfwm4-settings in terminal) and choose 'BeOh-orange'.
Open 'Settings > Appearance' (or type xfce4-appearance-settings in terminal) and with the 'Style' tab selected, choose 'BeOh-orange-appearance'.
Without closing the Appearance window, click on the 'Icons' tab and choose 'beOh-orange-icons'

System requirements

This is for Xubuntu Linux, using the XFCE 4 window manager.

If you have any suggestions, please get in touch via email. Many thanks.