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BeOh xfce4 xubuntu theme

BeOh is an XFCE 4 theme (for xubuntu), with a nod towards beOS, but with a slanted window title.


Download the BeOh Original theme.
Download the BeOh Cyan theme (works best with dark appearance).
Download the BeOh Yellow theme (works best with dark appearance).
(Also, using 'Flat Remix' icon theme from xfce-look.org)

How to install

To install, open a terminal and type:
'mkdir ~/.themes'
then, open a new file manager window and navigate to ~/.themes
Uncompress the 'tar.gz' and put it into this folder you just navigated to.
Open 'Settings > Window Manager' (or type xfwm4-settings in terminal) and choose your theme.

System requirements

This is for Xubuntu Linux, using the XFCE 4 window manager.

If you have any suggestions, please get in touch via email. Many thanks.