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Network test 0.1

Network test is handy if you have a list of computers on a network, and you need to check they have network connectivity. This will give you a graphical representation of the rooms and the computers in it (although you'll have to customise the text files to get them looking how you want).


Network test runs the ping command against a list of hostnames you specify. This generates a list which will tell you if the machine is online (success) or not (error). You can customise the room name, the machines and the layout using simple text files (examples included)


Download Network test 0.1 (6MB) for Linux (portable)
Download Example room text files (recommended. They might help)
Note: Using the BeOh theme in the screenshot above - download here


Network test is free.

Version history

version 0.1 - Feb 2020.

System requirements

Tested with Xubuntu Linux 19.10

If you have any suggestions, please get in touch via email. Many thanks.