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Little Password Manager 0.01

Little Password Manager (LPM) was created because there are many other password managers out there. Mostly all of them store your passwords online, or require some type of subscription to use.
LPM doesn't send anything online to anybody. It stores your passwords locally and is designed to work without needing any subscription.

So, it's free?

Yes. Absolutely free. No license needed or implied. This is version 0.01 and should be considered 'experimental'. It functions, however I'd welcome suggestions and feedback as always.
Oh, by the way, there's no browser extension with this. You just have to type your passwords in. That might seem a bit old-fashioned. That's because it is.
I've not got around to writing a browser-to-app interface yet, so it remains sandboxed.


Download LPM-MacOSX-x64 for Mac OS (10.8 to 10.15 and lower)
Download LPM-Linux-x64 for Linux (Debian based x64)
Download LPM-Windows-x64 for Windows (XP through to 10)


Little Password Manager is free.

Version history

version 0.01 - Feb 2021.

System requirements

Tested with Mac OS 10.11, Xubuntu 20.04 LTS, and Windows 10 build 20H2.

If you have any suggestions, please get in touch via email. Many thanks.