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main-dock v0.4b

main-dock is a dock program for linux systems that do not have one. (yes, you can add panels to most versions of desktop linux these days, however you can't always predict how they will behave). I put this dock together to allow for some finer control.


Download main-dock.7z here. (beta version)

How to install

To install, uncompress and put the program wherever you want to keep it. You might have to right-click, choose 'Properties' and allow it to run as an application.
All options can be configured from the preferences window, which should show on first run.

Version history

Version 0.1alpha - 5/8/2021 initial release
Version 0.2beta - 5/4/2022: code cleanup. You can now right-click on a dock item to edit that item. Also changed the 'Preferences' icon. It was a cog, but changed to an upward arrow to be more discreet.
Version 0.3b - 18/8/2022: Refined the hide/show behaviour so that the dock is a bit more intelligent.
Version 0.4b - 27/8/2022: Fixed an annoying recursion error


You can be fairly liberal when creating launchers in the dock - you can pretty much type any one-liner command you have permission to run, and save that as a launcher. Bear in mind though, there are specifics you need to adhere to:

This is a sample command.

I could use this if I wanted my desktop window manager (currently Caja), to open a new window at my home/Desktop directory.

I could also type any command in here, but if it was a file / folder path with spaces, I'd probably want to type 'my-command' (note the single quotes surrounding it)

With this, I could run a sample shell script.

This invokes my terminal program (mate-terminal in this case), then the -x tells it to run the following script. The path to the script then follows, enclosed between single quotes.

System requirements

Should work on any version of Linux that is based on Debian. It doesn't require any dependencies and is a fully portable application.

If you have any suggestions, please get in touch via email. Many thanks.