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before and after 1.0

before and after is a file list comparison program. You can use it to list changes to the Windows filesystem.


before and after can be used to see what files were created after something like an install program has run. Click the 'before' button to create a complete listing of files on your computer. Then install some software. Once this is done, click 'after' and then click 'changes'. The changes text file will list every file and it's location which has changed on your PC.

Oh, did I mention it's slow? It's really slow... almost glacial. I could speed it up drastically by using a different algorithm, so I may do this when I next feel motivated.


Download before and after 1.0 (5.2MB) for Windows.


before and after is free.

Version history

version 1.0 - October 2018. Original test release

System requirements

Tested with Windows 7 upwards.

If you have any suggestions, please get in touch via email. Many thanks.