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Firefox extension signing error

UPDATE 14:44

Well, at least it looks like Mozilla is aware of the issue and is taking steps to get extensions back online for people. This doesn't sound like a big deal, but when you rely on extensions to make your web browsing experience bearable, being without them is not just noticable; suddenly being without them is annoying.

It was a bit of a rare mis-step for Mozilla, who has in the past been quite careful when changing anything that may directly affect a user's browsing experience. This is quite a large blunder all the same, even if Firefox is free software.

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Mozilla Firefox has an error with it's extension signing, leaving most people unable to install or use extensions.

You can limit the effect this has by typing about:config into the address bar. (Accept the 'here be dragons' warning), then search on the page for 'signature'.

You need to change the value "xpinstall.signatures.required" to "false".

You may then be able to install some of your plugins.

If, like me, you are using 'Firefox Nightly', you won't be affected quite as much. You'll probably see this, but your extensions will still load:


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