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Using Clonezilla, you can clone pretty much anything to another drive. However, Clonezilla usually likes to clone from the source drive to a target drive that is either the exact same size as the source, or larger than the source.

Here's how to clone windows to a smaller drive (if you'd changed to an SSD for example).

In Windows, open the start menu (or press Windows and R), and type 'diskmgmt.msc' When 'Disk Management' opens, Right-click the source partition and click "Shrink Volume" and follow the wizard to shrink the partition.

Reboot into Clonezilla.

Select the source disk and destination disk.

Choose EXPERT mode and enable the "-icds" option. You need to also choose the option "Resize partition table proportionally"

Select 'OK', and then type in "y" to confirm and start the clone.

When cloning is complete, switch drives over and you can then boot into your cloned copy.

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