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How to make HDDs and partitions mount at startup (instead of additonal drives showing as greyed-out, unmounted, after startup):

1. Open Terminal.

2. Switch to root user

sudo passwd root

(if you've never set up root previously).

3. Once as root;

sudo cp /etc/fstab /etc/fstab.old

(Create a backup of the fstabfile just in case something bad happens).


sudo blkid

(Note the UUID of the partition you want to automatically mounted)


mkdir /media/automount1/

(The mount path directory, where the device will be attached.)


sudo leafpad /etc/fstab

opens the fstab file in your favourite text editor (replace leafpad as appropriate with gedit or whatever your favourite editor is called)

7. Paste in

UUID= /media/automount1/ fat32 defaults 0 0'

(Replacing with the UUID from step 4 of the drive), and replacing fat32 with the format of the drive) I seem to recall other formats are something like: ext4,ext3,ext2,hfs,hfs+ and lastly ntfs-3

So, the final line might look something like:

UUID=3087106951D2FA7E /media/automount1/ fat32 defaults 0 0

Restart and the drive will always be mounted at startup. (A good option for internal drives that should always be available)

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