OpenXTalk Lite 0.95

Here are the already-patched download links for "OpenXTalk Lite" for Linux,Windows and Mac
You can now find all these links in my Dropbox shared folder here. I'll try and keep these as up to date with the changes as I can.
(last updated 26-11-2023)

OpenXTalk Lite recent changes, (if you'd rather build it yourself)

If you'd like to build your own version from scratch, start by downloading the Livecode Community 9.6.3 file for your desired system. You can then manually swap files and patch as needed. Please download the oxt-changes.7z archive, and once downloaded, extract this to somewhere you can easily locate it.
Then, open the Changes.livecode stack to view the changes in the right order. It also offers a way to apply these changes for you (although this is a work in progress)


Alternatively, you can try out the latest release candidate from github.
This is currently the RC4 version of OpenXTalk.

Installation videos

Installation on MacOS 10.15
Installation on MacOS 12
Installation on Linux
Installation on Windows 7 and 10

Why are there two different versions?

The 'lite' version is currently where contributions and things are being tested out and tried.
When these changes prove to work, and are agreed upon, they can then be carried over to the RC (Release Candidate) versions.
In non-geek speak, we experiment with the lite version, and the good bits will be in the version shown here.

How can I be a part of this?

Have a look at and join the forum. All contributions and suggestions are welcome.