As problems crop up, I'll be listing them here: (just in case anyone else is mad enough to try this sort of thing)

Front suspension, Rear control arm mounting points

I've currently got an issue with getting the rear control arms for the front suspension to fit because they are at an awkward angle and require an adaptor much like the gearbox one we made further down on this page.

Update 13th May 2015: This adaptor has now been created.


Subframe mounting points

I really want to use the BMW subframe because it is stronger, gives me power steering and has the uprated front shockers fitted already. The snag with this is that the subframe mounting points on a BMW and Capri are different. The workaround was to cut out the mounting point sections from the BMW and Graft them where the had to go on the Capri. (this pic and the next 4)


Front suspension strut tops

Because I'm using BMW front suspension, this meant the mounting holes for the front struts are in the wrong place. To get around this I've cut out the BMW top mounts and welded them in place on the Capri.


Gear selector location

Something I really didn't want to do was to cut the original floorpan of the car. The issue I had was that the gear selector had nothing to mount to, hence this plate and bracket at the end of the selector rod.


Gearbox mounting issues

(This pic, and the next two) shows the problem I had with mounting the BMW gearbox onto the Capri chassis. The solution was to make an adapter section which not only spreads the load, but ensures the engine will line up correctly.