Blueprints and Plans – this is how I want it all to turn out


Either dark grey or perhaps bright orange with a matt-black bonnet.
Nope, changed my mind. Matt black with a red stripe similar to this.

Changed my mind again. Now I prefer this blue.


Some changes I'll need to make to exterior styling:


I’ve always liked these style of wheels.


Leather interior, black carpets and re-trimmed dash. I’ve even got plans as to the exact type of retro-looking radio I want in there. (It’s going to look like an old 8 track but with iPod support and will be wired up to my big ol’ amp!).

Chrome is good, but I want it to be lightweight, so no external bumpers.

Probably keep the amount of exterior trim to a minimum. I will set the indicators into the front valance; just like they do on mk1 escorts.


This is what I’ve decided upon, just because it’s what’s available to me at the moment:

Manufacturer BMW
Engine Code/Name M40B18
Valvetrain Inline 4 cyl. 1.8L
Displacement 1798cc
Power 136PS/134BHP@6000rpm
(info from

Found in the 1988–1994 BMW 318i (which is going to be my donor car for many parts), this engine isn’t going to set the world on fire. It is, however, going to be a large improvement on the Ford Kent straight-4 1.6 (TL16) engine this would have been fitted with originally. That engine would only have made around 64–68 hp. (Incidentally, the V6 Ford Kent engine of the time (which was cast iron!) only made 138HP in standard form, which seems pretty small compared to what’s possible now). Reading a bit about this engine on various forums, people aren’t overly optimistic about adding a turbo to them.


I am determined to get rid of the rear leaf springs. Apart from being bloody heavy, they are straight out of the 60’s and make the back end shake, slide and slip under acceleration and braking. So here’s an alternative idea:

It’s the suspension out of a 3-series BMW. (independent linkage) and I get to keep everything rear wheel drive which is essential.