What has this project cost me so far?

So far, this project has cost me a total of: £742.09


Sold so far to recoup costs:

Rear bumper: £36.50, Rear indicator: £8.70, Front seats: £43.20, Dashboard facia: £20

Total: £108.40


Spent so far...

Car: £550, Fibreglass wing: £40, Stainless & Sheet metal: £10, Front indicators: £8.49, Replacement headlights: £15.00, Welding wire: £52, Fibreglass doors: £75, Fibreglass Bonnet: £70, Chassis paint: £35

Total: £850.49


There will be a big list of everything which needs doing here.

I will keep a running checklist and cross the jobs off when they get done. More will no doubt get added to this list as I find out how much doesn't work and just how manky things really are!

Strip interior of car to see how bad things are rust-wise (it's bad!)
Reassemble/replace driver's side window winder
Make sure both windows roll up and down properly and don't come off the runners
Fix issue(s) with rear circular side windows
Trace shape around manky carpet and replace with new one
Weld (multiple) holes in floor
Weld holes in boot
Weld holes in inner wings inside engine bay (remove battery tray + cross-member).
Replace interior headlining with non-ripped one. Can I repair existing? (no, it's too brittle and falls apart)
Remove sunroof, weld in plate, de-rust, fill and smooth
Sand off back to bare metal all bodywork showing signs of rusting out.
Replace/repair A-Posts.
Replace all window rubbers as they have perished.
Get some nice wheels
Get an engine and gearbox (Sorted. See donor car)
Sort out wiring
Get some replacement headlights (want twin circulars)
Replace front and rear seats with better (lighter) ones (may have to custom make rear seats).
Remove rear bumper & sell. (sold for £36.50 on ebay)
Sell other bits off car which I don't need.
Do some research into rear suspension setup - don't want leaf-springs any more
Replace both front wings
Replace/repair front valance
Buy new bonnet
Fit inertia reel retracting seatbelts front and rear.
Petrol/Diesel or LPG?
Stainless steel exhaust system
Sell cracked dashboard
Remove and clean back underside of car. Use anti-rust paint on entire chassis
Remove webasto sunroof
Sell N.S. front wing
Sell existing (heavy) seats
Sell interior center console along gearbox tunnel