Mid-Norfolk FHS Officers

President: Don McLean

Chairman: Tom Garland
Colleen Close, Toftwood, East Dereham, Norfolk, NR19 1NL

Secretary: Sue Vickerage
104 Norwich Road, Dereham, Norfolk, NR20 3AR

Treasurer: Pat Skittrall

Membership Enquiries: Sheila Moulton

Newsletter Editor: Kate Easdown

Librarians: Susan Page, Iona Folliard

Programme Secretary: Graham Rudd

Sales: Kate Easdown

Members Interests: Denise & Roderick Woodhouse

Strays: Iona Folliard

NBI Co-ordinator: Barry Hughes

Contacting Officers

Please download appropriate forms for publication orders and membership application. Other written correspondence should be addressed to "Chairman for the attention of [the relevant officer]"

All e-mail correspondence should be sent, in the first instance, to the secretary [for the attention of the relevant officer] sue.vickerage104@gmail.com