Part B: Members Interests Directory

Please complete this form if you would like your interests to be included in our directory.  The directory is published and circulated in May each year.  The interests of members who join after publication will be shown in the next newsletter.  Please write clearly your name, address and postcode in Block Capitals.  If you need more room, or an “interest” may be so unusual or specific that you would find it easier to write a short paragraph giving all the information – the reverse of this form is a convenient place. The query may be featured in the next newsletter under “Help Wanted”.  A recent example of this was a member looking for information about families who had lived at a specific address.




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You know the surname, but not exact forename or place of birth (except the county)
between 1645 & 1760

JONES, Arthur or John Arthur       Norfolk                      17th-18th C

You know the name, where born and but can only estimate the year

SMITH, Philadelphia                      Fakenham NFK          c1650

You know the surname, not the forename, where born and are sure of the exact year.

BROWN                                         Camberwell, London    1783

Name of Interest                       Area of Interest              Period

Signed                                        Date:

When completed and signed, please return with your Application form to our Membership Secretary:
Mrs Sheila Moulton, MNFHS, 14 Elizabeth Avenue, Fakenham, Norfolk NR21 8JU
Tel: 01328 855895,  Email: